Night Pads Case (Wholesale)
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Night Pads Case (Wholesale)

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With a triple-absorbent core and soft cotton feel, our Night Pads are a perfect choice for a stress-free period.

Our non-bulky pad wicks away moisture, includes extra adhesive to stay in place, has an added length, and helps block odor! Gone  are the days where you'll anxiously fear leaks, or ruin your favorite panties. Our Night Pads hold up to your heaviest days and provides the protection you need whether you're looking for security while you sleep, or an option to support your heaviest days.. Our non-bulky pad wicks away moisture, includes extra adhesive to stay in place, and helps block odor!

The best part about our pads is that they include:

  • 100% Pure Cotton 
  • Secure & Bulk-Free
  • Bleach-Free
  • Dioxin-Free
  • BPA-Free

With these pads your sure to have a period that is so effortless that you'll forget you have you period and will be able to focus on the things that really matter!

*There are 12 units in one case, minimum order of one case required.

Why choose us?

Better products & ingredients

Each product from our line is artfully manufactured with ingredients that support your wellness goals. We take provide in providing options that support your health, and outperform other brands. Put yourself first and upgrade your period!

Your purchase supports others!

By purchasing from our brand, you're helping to provide quarterly donations to anyone who can't afford our products and might be in need of period care. We believe that all brands should support both people & planet.

Because representation matters
Black woman-owned & Operated.

We're proud to be a black woman-led company, our founder started with a dream and a vision to support people like you!

Affordable & Secure

The beggining of your period can bring unexpected changes in your flow. Whether you're navigating a "flood" or simply want a comfortable backup towards the end, we've got your back!