6-Month Period Subscription (Save 10%)
6-Month Period Subscription (Save 10%)

6-Month Period Subscription (Save 10%)

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We know all about the pain of last minute store runs for period care! With this subscription option, you'll get one month worth of period care delivered every 4 weeks so that you never have to worry about last minute store runs or running out.

What's Inside?

Depending on the subscription you choose, you'll get our 100% cotton sanitary pads and/ or panty liners. What makes our products so amazing are our 3X absorbent core, winged protection, multi-layer weaving, and secure backing to ensure your products stay in place!

    Can I pause or cancel at anytime?

    Absolutely, just shoot us a message and we'll pause your subscription for up to three months or cancel your subscription per your request.

    Save 10% by signing up for a 6-month period care plan!

    Why choose us?

    Better products & ingredients

    Each product from our line is artfully manufactured with ingredients that support your wellness goals. We take provide in providing options that support your health, and outperform other brands. Put yourself first and upgrade your period!

    Your purchase supports others!

    By purchasing from our brand, you're helping to provide quarterly donations to anyone who can't afford our products and might be in need of period care. We believe that all brands should support both people & planet.

    Because representation matters
    Black woman-owned & Operated.

    We're proud to be a black woman-led company, our founder started with a dream and a vision to support people like you!

    Affordable & Secure

    The beggining of your period can bring unexpected changes in your flow. Whether you're navigating a "flood" or simply want a comfortable backup towards the end, we've got your back!