6 Easy Ways To Avoid & Overcome Entrepreneurial Burnout

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Many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs experience burnout at least once in their lives, especially if you're a "solo-preneur" and lack the funds needed to outsource and/or alleviate the burden of running an entire business by yourself. An overwhelming majority of people affected experience stress, lack of motivation, anxiety, and more. The first step to avoiding and overcoming burnout is identifying it. Through delegating and building habits to counteract the weight of your responsibilities, you'll be sure to succeed and find your rhythm. We spoke to "Burnout Strategist" who slayed our entire existence and provided the following ways to identify and overcome burnout.

Identify Symptoms Of Burnout

Burnout, in a nutshell, is a constant state of chronic stress. It can show up in many forms. There are 3 stages that you may go through when you’re burned out.
1. Exhaustion: Emotionally, physically, and mentally tired. You may feel like you have very low energy most of the time.
2. Cynicism - Snappy, having a negative attitude toward life, clients, work, very irritable and withdrawn. Irritable.
3. Inefficacy - feelings of helplessness and a lack of productivity.
When experiencing burnout symptoms may include detachment, a lack of focus and a feeling of being stuck. "I often see female entrepreneurs killing themselves because they are trying to prove that they are worthy of the space that they desire to occupy or they’re afraid that if they get help/ slow down they will lose all of the success they worked so hard to build. This is FALSE. Having a harmful sense of self-worth usually fuels burnout in women. This doesn’t mean that they lack confidence in their ability, it’s usually an overconfidence also known as “superwoman syndrome”... the constant need to be and do “all the things” says Danie Sanchez, a Burnout Strategist and owner at www.freenatives.co
As a Burnout Strategist, Danie specializes in helping people who experience burnout through creative strategies like her "R.A.P Session" where she prompts clients to reflect, assess, and purge. This tool is amazing because it allows you to hone in on where you are, where you are going, and gives you the opportunity to purge  everything that does not immediately support your goals.

Ways for climbing out and getting back into the groove

There are a few ways to do this but again it still depends on the severity of it and the cause (ie. limiting beliefs)

Burnout is linked to mindset. So a shift in mindset will be your anchor when getting back into the groove of things.

Here are 3 ways you can do this:

1. Create a daily self-care ritual that you start your day with but one that you can also use throughout the day.

2. Get support. You don’t have to do this alone there are therapist and coaches to help you get back and stay in the groove.

3. Create new boundaries around working in your business. Whether it’s putting systems in place, hiring support, or just unplugging to take more breaks. These new practices will help you see a change.

Overall, it's important to remember that what you're going through is temporary and you definitely come back from burnout. Using these strategies along with mindfulness meditation, positive affirmations, goal-setting, "me-time" and more you'll recover in no time!


About Danie:

"Free Natives Co. was birthed in 2016 by founder Danie Sanchez out of an unwavering passion for the creativity. As a self-proclaimed creator and lover of art, Danie felt it was her duty to help aspiring artists to tap into their genius and build a lane that was unfuckwitable and she did it. Danielle is also the founder of the "Hustle 2 Harmony" podcast. To create a life that you don't need a break from and say "fuck doubt, fear, and burnout" contact Danie by clicking here"