I stopped Wearing Deodorant For A Year! Here's What Happened!

In January of 2015 I made it my business to pursue healthier options and switch to 100% Cotton Feminine Care. As I did my research, I uncovered that a lot of the body care products I was using were linked with hormone issues, skin reactions, and cancer! At the time I was using a pretty well-known brand of deodorant because I kind of had a thing for anything that smelled like "baby powder" but I couldn't shake the nagging feeling that the hyperpigmentation that had developed under my armpits, was linked with my deodorant.
Major deodorant brands are filled with chemicals... YUCK!

To make matters worse, I consistently developed acne-like bumps and definitely thought that my deodorant was clogging my pores. I did what any upstanding online shopper would do, and immediately asked Google to fix my life and show me some natural deodorant! Along with a bunch of other products, I was immediately mesmerized by salt crystal deodorant after remembering my grandmother using it back in the 90's. I mean, balms and creams are great, but I immediately thought about diamonds when and decided to not only take the leap for the sake of my pits, but to offer it for everyone else that I knew!

I immediately purchased, and when it arrived I followed the instructions which called for wetting the stone and rubbing it onto my pits....to be honest, I had freshly shaved so it stung a little but it was nothing too unbearable and was actually quite pleasant! I was a bit' suspicious that it wouldn't work, let alone fight the sweat of daily gym visits but boy was I wrong!
Running my salt crystal under water...

I literally went through 15 hours of work, workouts and more and will still completely sweat & odor free! Now, the stone itself didn't have a smell so instead of smelling like baby powder I smelled like nothing. There were no sweat marks on my clothes or anything.

My stone was holding up well and the hyperpigmentation on the skin under my arms was nearly gone! Not to mention, I hadn't had a single acne outbreak since switching to my crystal! The only difference that I noticed is that I had to use it every day whereas I only needed to use regular deodorant once or twice a week (most likely because the products and antiperspirants used build up on the surface of your skin)
My stone 9 months in.....

It's now a year later and I can't even think about going back to normal deodorant. Since switching, I've enjoyed the benefits of:

  • Improved Skin Tone & Clarity
  • Less Sweat & Friction
  • Odor-Free Security
  • Acne-Free Pits
  • Savings
I literally tell everyone I can about the dangers of deodorant and the awesome, cost-effective options out there. If you haven't already, I would DEFINITELY recommend making the switch! Your pits and boobs will thank you! Click here to get 1 year's worth  with free shipping for under $20!

By Arion L.

Arion is the CEO & Founder of and an avid supporter of all things holistic! Follow femlybox on IG and Arion to stay in the loop!
"Your pits, after your first day using the crystal!"