“7 Must-Have Mantras to Slay your Holiday season”

...Because Stress Doesn't Look Good On You

This is the time of the year when things get kinda crazy for everyone. There is so much to do with hosting the greatest Holiday party of all time and buying everyone the perfect Christmas gift. Even though you have so much to do you should always make sure that you are practicing a bit' of self-care! This is especially important if your family can be triggering.

As you navigate the nuances of upcoming holidays, gatherings and more, you should definitely include a few mantra's to keep you focused, outline a path of success and keep you grounded. 

What is a Mantra?

 A  mantra is an affirmation that you say to yourself! It's a go-to verbal outline for the things you want to manifest, questions you'd like answered and more. Here are 7-holiday Mantras that will definitely help you stay positive and slay the holiday season.

1.”I am grateful for this moment with my family and friends”

This holiday mantra not only puts you into a mindset of gratitude, it helps you hone in all the people and places you love the most.

2. “I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now”

This mantra is a note-to-self that everything happens for a reason and everything that's YOURS will always be yours!

3. “ I let go of this year and embrace what’s next.”

Leave 2017 drama in the past, let's take the "new year, new me" motif to the next level!

4. “A new year means new beginnings”

One thing we often forget is that many emotions are temporary. Whatever you're going through will past and will not last forever. Winter is a period of renewal!

5. “I will put myself on my list of love ones.

Re-affirm that you will make time for yourself and your self-care. You can't help anyone if you don't help yourself first!

6. “I will practice saying “no” sometimes”

Make "No" a recurring member of your daily vocabulary! Never feel obligated to say yes, or accept anything that comes your way! Protect your space!

7. “I will expect the best and only accept the best”

Never settle for anything less than you deserve!

Overall, I hope these 7 Holiday mantras keep your spirits up and put you in a winning mindset! Have amazing mantras of your own? Share them in the comments!

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