8 Ways That Organic Period Care Will Level Up Your Period!

8 Ways That Organic Period Care Will Level Up Your Period!

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More than 120 million women and girls in the United States menstruate each year. Yet most non-organic  menstrual care products are not toxin-free and are loaded with chemicals used to absorb fluid and bleach cotton. These additives can pose serious health risks, especially since our vaginas are highly permeable mucus membranes that absorb nearly all of what we put in them. For decades, big brands have been producing their products in the cheapest ways possible, often ignoring negative impacts on our health and the environment. Many cotton sanitary pads and tampons are bleached with chlorine even though they are designed for use in or around our genitals. Your skin absorbs hormone-disrupting chemicals commonly found in pads and tampons. So, hormone-disrupting chemicals can enter your body and accumulate over time, harming your health.

This is why organic tampons are so important for your health! Organic tampons and pads will only absorb your period blood—no mystery chemicals! And if you can't see any label saying "organic" or a "USDA organic seal" on your favorite brand, there's a good chance they're using synthetic materials, toxic pesticides, or GMOs in the manufacturing process. (If they won't tell you what it is, it's probably not so great.) If you're already a conventional pad or tampon user but haven't tried out organic period care yet, prepare to have your mind blown. We've compiled a list of eight reasons why you should make the switch to organic cotton feminine hygiene products today!

What Does Organic Period Care Really Mean?

When it comes to your period care products, you might be wondering why it even matters if they're organic. After all, they're not something that you eat, right? Did you know that the average woman uses more than 11,000 tampons, or panty liners, and 12,000 disposable pads in her lifetime? That's a lot of toxic chemicals coming into contact with your most sensitive areas! The good news is that there are loads of organic options out there that are kinder to your body and the environment (and many don't cost any more than conventional options!). Tampons are classified as Class II medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), along with condoms and contact lenses. However, chemicals including dioxins and glyphosate (a herbicide used on non-organic cotton fields) are still allowed in them. In order to find a better, healthier choice for the environment and for the body, organic period care products were created. This simply means that the cotton used in making these pads is grown organically without any chemicals. It's time to make the switch to ones that value everyone's wellbeing!

How Do Non-Organic Period Care Items Affect Your Body?

It's time to get serious and talk health, i.e., your lady bits. We know that we shouldn't put anything toxic (read: harsh chemicals) in our mouths, but how about you avoid putting it in other places too? Have you ever thought about what is actually in a non-organic period care item? Apart from the high level of non-biodegradable waste impact of non-organic impact on society, non-organic period care products have negative effects on your body. When you use a tampon or pad, you're putting oil-based plastic in or against the most absorbent and sensitive region of your body. Sadly, the majority of feminine care products contain chlorine-bleached surfactants, adhesives, and additives, which result in dioxin residues. These dioxin residues, while minor, are carcinogenic and can lead to other serious health problems like endometriosis. Endometriosis can cause a variety of issues, from painful period cramps to infertility. Our bodies are prone to fluctuations, and unfortunately, our hormones aren't always easy to control. When your menstrual bleeding occurs more or less frequently than it does for the average person, you're experiencing irregular periods. Irregular periods can be caused by a number of factors, like hormonal imbalance, stress, or certain chemicals that can affect your menstrual cycle. Multiple studies have revealed that artificial fragrances and colors, polyester, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene, and propylene glycol (PEG) in tampons and pads are harmful. There's a strong correlation between them and menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalance, cancer, and infertility. In addition, non-organic tampons can irritate the vaginal wall because they contain synthetic fibers that can attach to the vaginal wall, causing infections or other health problems. Pesticides or other additives are used on the cotton used for non-organic period care products. This is what happens if you use pesticides or other things to grow, harvest, or make cotton. They break down into artificial estrogen, which lowers progesterone and may cause fertility problems if you're exposed to them for a long time.

How Can Organic Period Care Products Help You? 

Most of these years, you have likely been sticking yourself with a conventional tampon or inserting a pad into your undies. But organic period care products are a natural and comfortable alternative. By choosing organic period care products, you can prevent toxic shock syndrome (TSS), allergies, and unwanted odors and enjoy all levels of protection depending on where you are in your cycle. From the experience of women who use Femly, here are eight ways organic period care can level up your cycle. It's time to make the switch to organic tampons and pads to protect your body and the environment.

They are free from chemicals

Organic period care products do not contain dioxin or any chemicals that can either harm you, cause period pain, or interfere with your hormones.

They reduce health risks

When you use organic period care, you are less susceptible to any skin reactions like rashes, except if you have a cotton allergy. Also, you can prevent TSS, an illness caused by bacterial infection.

They make your vagina healthier

Because you avoid toxic substances from traditional period care products, your vagina becomes healthier. Organic pads are also breathable, reducing the risk of bacteria breeding on your skin.

They can "lighten" your periods

Do you usually have excruciating period pains and cramps? Organic period care can make all the difference. You may experience less intense cramps, a more manageable flow, and less itchiness with organic period care. So, if you do have bad cramps and vaginal irritations, there is a natural realm of products that can make your period more bearable!

They are more comfortable

Organic period care products are more comfortable than those made with synthetic materials. Because the cotton and other materials used for organic period care products are fully organic, you may feel more comfortable in them.

They make you more confident in what you're wearing

Because traditional period care manufacturers are not under the obligation to disclose their full ingredient list (unlike skincare products), many women are left in the dark about what goes in or against their bodies. But organic period care products have nothing to hide—it's 100% organic cotton, and that's that.

They are very affordable

There's usually a misconception that organic products are overpriced or way too expensive. But this isn't true. Organic period products are not wildly more expensive than conventional period care products! Plus, if you purchase organic period care products, you're helping not just yourself but the local cotton farmers, the environment (they are eco-friendly), and future generations!

They are hypoallergenic

Organic period care products are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Since the major component of these products is cotton, there are no chemicals that you may be sensitive to unless you're allergic to organic cotton. 

Are Organic Period Care Products as Effective as Conventional Ones?

Sanitary pads and tampons can really make you feel terrible, especially when you're using products full of chemicals and pesticides. That's why most women are turning to organic period care products. But are they as effective as conventional ones? Organic period care products use natural fibers as alternatives to plastic. This includes organic cotton, unbleached cotton, and Modal. Organic period care products are just as comfortable, reliable, and effective as their conventional counterparts, and they have a much less negative impact on the planet. In fact, organic pads absorb more quantity of blood than non-organic pads.

Do Organic Period Care Products Feel Different From Non-Organic Ones?

Some people see a change when they use organic period care products, as it may take some time for your body to become used to them. For example, your skin may feel different—slightly damper. If you feel this is a bad thing, think again. It is healthier for the vulva's skin not to be dried out by chemicals and to preserve some wetness, as nature intended! So, although it may feel a little moist at first, you'll become used to it and, like many others who have made the switch, appreciate how organic products feel less dry and scratchy on skin.

Start Your Organic Period Care Journey With Femly!

Ready to transition to organic period care products? You can start with Femly! Femly is a black-owned feminine care women's health company dedicated to elevating and improving the periods of the modern woman. We are on a mission to provide sustainable, organic period care products that you can feel good about using. Femly's range of period care includes panty liners, menstrual cups, and pads with an educational approach for every woman at every stage of life.

Discover our revolutionary, natural period care products that are good for you and the planet. Our non-toxic period essentials are made without dyes or fragrances, with safe and clean ingredients, and from organic cotton. We believe self-care doesn't stop when your period starts. Femly aims to provide you with high-quality, organic products at a fair price. Femly is on a mission to change the way women think about their periods and to elevate womanhood. So why choose Femly?

  • All sanitary care products are equipped with Femly™ DryWeave Technology that makes them very absorbent.
  • All products are hypoallergenic. 
  • They are three times more absorbent than leading brands.
  • Pads are 13% longer to prevent surprise leaks

Impressive right? Go get yours now and switch to the healthy side at femly.com!

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