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"I've never been so pumped over tampons & pads...seriously, Femly is the best thing ever!

-Marie B.

"I can sleep on my back....and on white sheets without the stress of leakage! Femly Pads are a game changer!

-Yvonne W.

"Because Chocolate!....sometimes I eat my snacks before my period even comes! Plus the charcoal soap was perfect for my skin!"

-Julia B.

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Femly Product Development

We're in the patent & developement phase of building our very own propietary products. The average menstruator spends $18,000 on period care throughout their lifetime. Many people in dire need of period care don't have access to products. Our propietary products will adress the needs of people in need of access to a healthier alternative to toxic products.

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Here's just a few places that we've been featured. In addition to reaching key milestones, increasing our social impact and more we're partnering with various organization that support our mission of increasing access around the globe!